Join us at the Global Insurtech Leaders’ Summit

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About Insurtech Insights

At Insurtech Insights, we work to connect executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who are looking to lead and improve the insurance industry. We work to orchestrate events that naturally ignites meaningful partnerships and new business opportunities between insurers and insurtechs. We are merely facilitators – it’s our community which creates opportunities.
Our community is one of the leading Insurtech communities, connecting you to the industry leading innovative thinking being generated around the globe. With attendees from established Insurtech companies to C-level Executives from leading Insurance Carriers, Reinsurers, Investors and innovating Start-up businesses.

Through our global events in London, New York and Hong Kong we are creating a community for members to connect and share knowledge through a variety of different ways, such as podcast and conferences.

We invite you to hear Elad Tsur, Co-Founder & CEO at Planck, share his point of view on automation and Artificial Intelligence in the insurance industry, on June 18th at 09:05-09:45.

Date: June 18th-19th 2019

Location: One Liberty Plaza, New York

For tickets, click here:

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