Real-time risk data for more informed renewal strategies

Automatically monitor all your existing customers’ policies and quickly detect any changes and new risks during the renewal process. Use AI and machine learning to create up-to-date insights for each business and know which policies to renew, which should not be renewed, and which require special attention for pricing updates and upsell opportunities.

Leverage real-time data, whenever you need it: Own your research process—update customer data as often as needed to keep tabs on the evolving risks in your portfolio

Increase gross written premiums (GWP): Update pricing upon changes in the business, and identify new upsell opportunities

Enhance audit efficiency: Select the right businesses to audit by automatically evaluating the potential changes in every business

Automate renewals: Renew, review or don’t let through—establish filters and rules to determine which policies to renew and which to flag for additional review.

See how Planck can simplify and inform renewals for more written premium and lower loss and expense ratios.

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