Let underwriters focus on high potential submissions and expedite time-to-quote by automating manual tasks

With just a business name and address, you can create relevant underwriting insights in real time, with unprecedented accuracy and coverage. With a search engine designed specifically for commercial insurance, you can instantly mine billions of data points, including images, texts, videos, social media, public records and more. Quickly answer key questions aligned to your underwriting strategies, across all commercial segments.

Increase NAICS classification accuracy: Understand the services provided by a business and associated risk exposures by identifying all industry categories and sub-categories

Build a complete risk profile for any business: Easily assess risk and accurately price insurance premiums—improve data quality and underwriting insights with over 90% accuracy and coverage

Automate submission triage: Reduce manual submission handling with AI assistance to decline, generate a quote or send to an underwriter for additional research, based on your specific criteria

Reduce loss and expense ratios: Streamline the data validation process to minimize inefficiencies and maximize accuracy

Configure infinite insights to match your specific needs: In addition to hundreds of off-the-shelf data insights, you create custom insights based your strategic guidelines

 See how Planck can improve your bottom line with better data, more relevant insights, and underwriting efficiencies.

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