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Experience revolutionary commercial insurance underwriting 
with the next evolution of Planck’s platform.

Commercial underwriters
deserve answers

Planck provides answers to the most specific underwriting questions. With only minimal submission inputs, our Cognitive Business Analytics Platform gathers all relevant data and generates accurate underwriting insights that can’t be found anywhere else.  

Here's how Planck creates a complete picture of business risk
and answers your most important underwriting questions

Mapping a digital footprint

Planck’s proprietary search engine—built specifically for commercial insurance research—scans thousands of resources to find all relevant pieces of information about the requested business entity. This search includes industry specific sources, photos, videos, social networks, review sites, business websites and profiles, public records, governmental databases, and more.

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy, our exclusive entity matching algorithms verify the exact relationship between the business entity and the returned data, rejecting any possible inaccuracies or misleading information.

Analyzing the details

Artificial intelligence reviews and processes the raw data to extract intermediate insights, determine classifications, and create knowledge. This sequence of natural language processing, unstructured data analysis, and other audits engages an incredible wealth of additional real-time input.

Image Processing
Understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine and deep learning models. It quickly classifies images into thousands of categories (such as “roof” and “siding"), detects individual objects (e.g. “Ladder”) and faces within images, and reads printed words contained within images.
Natural Language Processing
Reveal the structure and meaning of text both through powerful pre-trained machine learning models. Extract information about people (such as the business owner and other employees), events, services, products and much more mentioned in reviews, text documents, news articles, or blog posts.
Open and Public Data Records Analysis
Leverage the huge amount of public data recorded and published by local, state, and federal governments. Detect and extract thousands of records that refer to the same entity across hundreds of different public data sources, including licenses, permits, violations, inspections, maps and many more.
Unstructured Web
Transforms information from massive amount of public web pages into instantly usable data, by powerful crawlers. It is quick to fetch pages and extract thousands of unstructured data (such as products, dishes, services etc).
Satellite and Geo Location Analysis
Using satellite images, maps and layers, Planck's Artificial Intelligence platform is able to analyze the property attributes as well as external risk related facilities, for example distance to a fire station and other geo related insights.

Creating the truth

All of these knowledge points taken together create context that can be used to develop true underwriting wisdom, such as accurately determining the percentage of total revenue from liquor sales. 

Our deep learning algorithms are continuously being trained on “gold data,” or the verified information about a business, to ensure the highest accuracy in the market. Additionally, the AI is constantly learning from the best practices of your most effective underwriters to support your organizational growth strategies. 

The truth is out there


Get a full proof of concept on your own data.

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