The truth isn't found.
It's built one insight at a time.

Experienced underwriters know the full truth of a business’s risk isn’t available on a search engine’s results page. It can’t be delivered through a submission form or a phone call.  Or even discovered on a site visit. These pieces need to be collected and skillfully assembled.

Planck empowers commercial insurance underwriters with superhuman research and insight generation capabilities to build a true and complete picture of business risk. 

Why are we called Planck?

Max Planck was the theoretical physicist who originated the concept of quantum theory. His work revolutionized the world’s understanding of atomic and subatomic processes.

Planck relentlessly sought truth within infinite data. He studied theoretical physics before it was recognized as a discipline in its own right, observing the microscopic components that composed the world.

Our company is named Planck because we champion the ideals that drove his work. We collect data of all kinds in its finest possible components and refine it into applicable insights to build the truth.

“Insight must precede application.” 

— Max Planck

Founded in 2016

Announced its series B funding in March, 2020. To date the company has raised over $71M.

80+ employees

Based out of New York, U.S. and Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Working with top U.S. carriers

Focused on their SMB insurance segments


Leveraging deep industry expertise and breakthrough data science, our team is committed to generate state of the art solutions for our customers


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Our offices


477 Madison Ave, 6th floor
New York, NY 10022

 Office: +1 212-203-5817


29 Arania Osvaldo St., South Building, 12th Floor, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6107031, Israel

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