Eligibility and Exposure Monitoring

Understand how your portfolio compares to the market and how it can be optimized.

Reduce Loss Ratios

Monitor the health of your book in real time by automating ongoing exposure analysis and identifying risk events and growth opportunities.

Increase GWP

Identify potential segments and geographies to grow profitably by analyzing your portfolio versus the overall market.

Improve Pricing Adequacy

Implement underwriting guidelines and eligibility criteria consistently, minimizing over/under exposure.

How does Planck’s eligibility and exposure monitoring work?

Planck’s Cognitive Business Analytic Platform provides automated monitoring for businesses that have already been submitted to the platform for any of its use cases, running for the entire book on a predefined schedule. Alternatively, the book can be sent as a single file (batch), which doesn’t require any integration, and insights will be returned to the carrier.


The evaluation process is initiated, and Planck’s Cognitive Business Analytics Platform creates up-to-date insights for all policies in the book.


Changes in the book are highlighted.


Planck's platform returns covered businesses’ eligibility and exposure changes.

What will change with Planck?

Carriers can automatically monitor all existing customers and policies and react quickly to changes in exposure. Planck’s Cognitive Business Analytics Platform generates a high-level risk analysis as well as alerts that monitor changes in exposure.

Increase from New Risk Segments
Loss Ratios decreased by:
Expense Ratios:

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Planck’s Cognitive Business Analytics Platform can process your underwriting guidelines and eligibility criteria, analyze the risk profile of your book of businesses, and compare it to the overall market to identify areas of under/over exposure and opportunities for pricing updates.

Planck’s platform is highly configurable, and the frequency of updates varies according to clients’ needs. Planck collects and processes data in real time, giving clients the ability to always monitor the true risks in their portfolio.

Planck offers hundreds of off-the-shelf data insights, which can be configured to match your business’s specific needs. The Cognitive Business Analytics Platform also has high configurability capabilities, so additional and specific insights for your unique business needs can be added.

Easily monitor changes in your book
without costly integrations.

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