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Interview Notes I was introduced to Toby Alfred by our mutual friend – Meryl Golden, COO at Kingstone Insurance, Meryl

Interviewer notes: I “met” Sean Harper at the Insuretech Connect (ITC) digital event in October 2020. Sean is an intriguing

Interviewer notes: I met Thomas in late 2006 when I was making my first steps in insurance. At that time,

Interview notes: My colleague Omri Yacubovich introduced me to Mark Berthiaume for this interview series, I was excited as Mark

The founders of the largest and most influential Insurtech conference “Insurtech Connect” will join us for an open session about

Interviewer notes: Robert (Bob) Whitlock has a prominent 40+ year career in insurance, including over a decade as CEO of

In this special edition, we have aggregated the most read interviews starting with the recent ones about the impact of

COVID-19 has turned most industries upside down and everyone has had to learn to adapt to these new realities. Conferences

Introduction: Over the last several months, most industries have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic in some way. The insurance

A leading US carrier had been working with a global insurance brokerage to generate more qualified businesses and convert them

A large international carrier was looking to improve its underwriting and pricing capabilities for its workers comp book in the

A COVID-19 diary by Matt Zender, SVP Workers’ Comp Strategy, AmTrust Interviewer notes: I have known about Matt and his

John Lucker, former senior partner and global advanced analytics market leader at Deloitte discusses phenomenal insights around data, innovation and

Business classification plays an important role in risk models that need to be filled out throughout the insurance process, and

Like every other market, the insurance industry will feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic now and in the coming

Over the last few months, the entire economy has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Small-medium businesses all over the

Covid-19 has had an effect on every industry, including insurance. This research report explores where Covid-19 meets the world we

In this Webinar we will discuss how Covid-19 has affected all industries, including insurance. We will explore the current and

I am delighted to share that we have strengthened our financial resilience and raised an additional $16M to help execute

Planck announces series B funding, raising $28M in total, to help commercial insurers increase commercial premiums while reducing loss and

In the shadow of COVID-19 and its potential to change the way we live and do business, Dick Welch, President

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single sector, including the insurance industry. With most of the world unable to gather

Download this white paper to learn: The value of working with third-party data providers. How to prepare for the 3rd

Alan Bauer, retired Progressive Group President and insurance visionary, reflects on his 40 years in the industry with David Schapiro,

Download this ebook to learn: The current trend of artificial intelligence The impact artificial intelligence is having on the insurance

Alan Bauer, retired Progressive Group President and insurance visionary, reflects on his 40 years in the industry with David Schapiro,

Alan Bauer, retired Progressive Group President and insurance visionary, reflects on his 40 years in the industry with David Schapiro,

Customer expectations are changing and in order to survive this ever-changing environment, carriers need to develop new strengths and strategies.

stephen sills

Stephen Sills, former Chairman, and CEO of CapSpecialty, discusses his journey in the US insurance industry, and the challenges and

Download this white paper to learn: The growing importance of customer experience in the insurance industry How to implement a

A new decade is right around the corner. Since the insurance industry is constantly changing, it can be challenging to

Introduction: As part of an ever-changing insurance market, carriers have had to take a good look at their business strategies

Ari Chester

Ari Chester, partner at McKinsey & Company, discusses the sources of disruptive innovation in commercial insurance with David Schapiro, Co-Founder

Introduction: Typically when a carrier wants to improve the agents’ experience, the automatic go-to response is to reduce the number

Jason Stockwood

Jason Stockwood, Vice Chairman of Simply Business, shares his thoughts on the equation for successful insurance innovation with David Schapiro,

Omri Yacubovich, VP of marketing and business development at Planck, was recently interviewed by FinTech Global, where he shared his


Planck was chosen to be part of this year’s annual InsurTech 100, a list of the top 100 innovative InsurTech

Sy Foguel

Sy Foguel, CEO and President of Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies discusses AI and IoT in Commercial Insurance with David


In this webinar, Bill Pieroni, CEO of ACORD and Leandro DalleMule, the General Manager of Planck will explore the linkage

Case Study

A leading US workers’ comp carrier increases submission-to-quote efficiency with Planck’s artificial intelligence data platform. The Goal With over 50

commercial insurance- single data source vs. AI powered insights

Download this white paper to learn: Can you trust the accuracy of a single data source? Manual data hunting vs.

Leandro DalleMule

Leandro DalleMule, General Manager of North America at Planck, was recently invited to “Pardon The Disruption”, a podcast series about new

Man holding mobile

Intro ​As part of the growing direct insurance market trend within the commercial space, we’ve researched 10 companies that have

Republic Idemnity

New York – Republic Indemnity, a member of Great American Insurance Group and a market-leading workers’ compensation insurance company, today

Elad Tsur, Co-Founder and CEO of Planck​, recently spoke at NOAH Tel-Aviv – An innovation focused conference bringing together Israel’s

Data is what makes insurance possible. Data accuracy is the key for maintaining low loss-ratios. Watch our free webinar to

Our team at Planck has been working on gathering a list of the top conferences in 2019 for insurance carriers

Emerging technologies continuously change how businesses conduct their everyday lives. These technologies often incrementally help businesses and sometimes even disrupt

Intro As data and technology become more accessible, insurance companies are using data to outperform their competition with three main

Startup Nation Central

Planck is featured in the 2019 Startup Nation Central Insurtech Landscap Map under “Advanced Underwriting”. About Start-Up Nation Central Start-Up


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