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Streamline the submission process and increase submission-to-quote rates by ensuring complete and accurate data intake and increased agent, broker or business owner productivity.
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Increase Submissions Volume

Become business owners' and agents’ carrier of choice by being easier to work with through a streamlined submission process.

Boost Submission-to-Quote speed

Receive complete and accurate submissions, avoiding the typical agent–underwriter back and forth.
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Add New Distribution Channels

Integrating Planck’s API allows carriers to support their digital strategies and tap into powerful digital distribution channels.

How does Planck’s submission prefill work?

Once the business name and address are entered in the submission form, Planck’s AI collects all publically available data about that entity, analyzes it and automatically prefills the application, eliminating any manual entry and reducing errors and omissions.


When a submission form is filled with a business name and address, through an API Planck receives these inputs in real time.


Planck collects, processes and generates all answers to the questions in the forms.


Through an API, Planck returns and fills out the submission form with accurate information, so the agents and business owners don’t have to.

What will change with Planck?

Planck’s API fetches applicant data and prefills that information for the client to confirm, rather than requiring manual entry. Errors and application abandonments are eliminated, leading to more complete applications and a cleaner book of business at bind.

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Discover how Planck increased the accuracy of submitted information by over 300%

“Until Planck, our underwriting process was more like an art than a science.”

SVP of Underwriting at a top US carrier

“Wait, but…”?

Planck’s AI data platform collects data from thousands of sources, and using sophisticated models, it extracts valuable information from each and every data piece to decipher the most accurate answers. Using validated data sets, the platform continuously tests itself and adapts to ensure the highest accuracy levels.
Planck is usually able to answer more than 90%, frequently even more than 95%, of questions in application forms.
Planck typically prefills a submission form in less than 5 seconds. For specific use cases, Planck can be configured to return insights in less than 1.5 seconds. In order to ensure the most up-to-date answers at the time of submission, Planck creates the answers only at the time of the submission, instead of maintaining databases that might be outdated.
Planck offers the highest hit rate in the industry, finding information and insights for more than 90% of small and medium businesses in a given segment.
Planck offers hundreds of data insights off-the-shelf. These insights can be configured to match your business’s specific needs. Furthermore, Planck has high configurability capabilities, so additional and specific insights for your unique business and underwriting needs can be added.

Enhance the digital journey. Ensure complete and accurate data intake!

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